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Over the past 20-years, company president, award-winning nutritional researcher, and bestselling author, Brad King has formulated dozens of health products for North America’s largest supplement companies. But something didn’t feel quite right. Regardless of how many ‘natural’ ingredients he worked with, there was always a synthetic component needed to bring levels of nutrients to ‘acceptable market levels.’

We have been led to believe that we need mega doses of specific vitamins and minerals in order to notice a biological difference. In rare cases we do. But for the most part, mega doses of synthetic and isolated vitamins and minerals may actually cause an imbalance as opposed to making us healthier!

The primary reason for this is due to the fact that synthetic nutrients can never deliver to the body what a ‘naturally-occurring’ nutrient—that comes directly from food—can. Synthetic nutrients are missing their life force, which is like a human without a soul.

After selling his personal supplement line (Brad King’s Ultimate) to one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the world, he set out on a mission to change the industry once-and-for-all by creating supplements that offer real-food-fuel to everyone. And so began a 2-year research project that culminated in the creating of a nutrient formula derived exclusively from certified organic superfoods and the world’s most scientifically proven probiotic.

Introducing, Samuraw Organic Complete®.

Imagine being able to deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals your body craves on a daily basis with one small concentrated scoop of powder that mixes instantly in any liquid.

Nutrients derived from real certified organic foods, available in their most naturally-occurring and synergistic forms … just like Mother Nature intended.

Instead of boring you with all of the research that supports reasons for taking daily vitamins and minerals, let's just agree that taking them improves your chances for leading a longer, healthier, happier life…

… Or do they?

Almost everyone understands that pharmaceutical drugs are made from various chemicals, but how many people know that most of these chemicals are petrochemical derivatives and components of coal-tar? YUCK!

But prescription drugs and vitamins obviously have nothing in common. Most would believe that something perceived as ‘natural’ would not be made from anything even similar to a medication. Most would be wrong!

Believe it or not, synthetic vitamins are also made from chemical substances like petroleum, coal-tar, benzene and chemically processed sugars from GMO corn, all of which were never intended to be consumed or introduced inside the human body.

When it comes to nutrients in our food, the sum is always more powerful than the individual components. This is why studies using synthetic isolated nutrients (like beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.), show negative health consequences, whereas studies using nutrients found in real fruits and vegetables continually show positive health benefits, from enhancing overall health to reducing chronic illness (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, etc.).

The Problem with the Alternative Health Supplement Industry

The problem is, the great majority of multi vitamin formulas available today (over 95%) are comprised of the same synthetic nutrients, not to mention fillers, sweeteners, coloring agents and a whole host of other compounds that should never be in a health-promoting product, let alone our body’s!

Many manufacturers, large pharmaceutical companies included, produce products by …

Sacrificing quality for quantity and profits. Cutting corners during the manufacturing process. Putting out mediocre supplements. Relying on huge marketing budgets that make wild claims to win market share. Delivering synthetic formulations that at best are nothing more than a waste of money and at worst, contain toxic ingredients that may actually cause imbalances in your body.

More often than not, corporate greed and weak government regulation (FDA & Health Canada) influences these companies to deliver poorly produced supplements to the market. But who can blame them, when you consider that most supplement companies actually believe that a vitamin made synthetically from petroleum or coal tar, is no different than a vitamin derived from a plant or food source. YIKES!

When consumers take these products and fail to enjoy desirable health outcomes, it gives the alternative health industry a bad reputation, and that's what we seek to end.

Our breakthroughs for bringing change to the supplement industry, have manifested in 3 unique ways …

1) Our core values

2) Our proprietary water-extraction and manufacturing process

3) Delivering all the nutrients your body needs—along with the world’s most clinically proven probiotic—in one small concentrated scoop (while our competitors rely on fillers, binders, coloring agents, etc., all of which add nothing more than greater visual appeal)

Our Core Values

We at Samuraw Nutrition subscribe to a different philosophy, and the key things about our core values are this …

When it comes to providing nourishment for the body, we know we can’t do better than Mother Nature. Nobody can.

With the exception of real food, which is hard to come by these days … the next best way to get your daily nutrition comes from real-food derived nutrients that are non-GMO and certified organic.

Samuraw Nutrition was built on this hallmark, and here's How We're Making a Difference

At Samuraw Nutrition we wanted to fill the massive void that exists in the modern-day diet and stop the continual deception that has persisted in the alternative health industry.

After extensive research, we discovered that the common denominators present in most of today’s diseases are poor diet and nutrient deficiencies.

Our competitors try to address the issue by continuing to manufacture supplements from isolated synthetic nutrients that are difficult for your body to absorb at a cellular level.

In contrast, we produce 100% food-derived, naturally-occurring organic vitamin, mineral and probiotic formulas. Formulations that were designed to help anyone and everyone transition away from all the junk on the market that really isn't supporting optimal health.

Our Unique Manufacturing Process

Each of the 21 nutrients contained within every “super-concentrated” scoop of Samuraw Organic Complete® are derived exclusively from 25 USDA certified organic superfoods.

They are extracted using a proprietary hybrid-freeze-drying-process, to ensure the viability of enzymes and nutrient co-factors that exist in the superfoods. This proprietary process is done without solvents, chemicals, gasses, or heat.

We guarantee there's not another formula on the market that is produced as naturally as Samuraw Organic Complete®!

The Keys to Optimal Nutrition

Our unique process of delivering nutrients from real foods, guarantees nutrients are available in their most natural and synergistic forms, all the while preserving delicate microscopic nutrient co-factors – the keys to optimal nutrition.

Along with the organically-derived, whole-food vitamins and minerals, these microscopic nutrient co-factors, are critical for good health. They support your body’s ability to repair, replace and replenish trillions of cells.

So Why Hasn't Anyone Done This Before?

These days’ companies seem to care more about the health of their profits, than the improved health of their consumers. The fact is, synthetic “Me-Too” formulas are much less expensive to manufacture than formulas made from real foods, especially non-GMO organic ones.

It's a sad situation because …

If people keep buying the same inferior supplements over and over, then nothing will force the industry to change.

Other companies have tried to extract nutrients from real fruits and vegetables, but the process is often shelved due to exorbitant costs and product instability- i.e. short shelf life due to oxidation. Oxidation is a natural wear and tear process that plays a huge role in the deterioration of nutrients within fruits and vegetables.

Our process has made these issues obsolete.

Due to our unique extraction model, we are able to preserve all the micronutrient co-factors that occur naturally within real foods. Not only do these micronutrient co-factors allow all other nutrients with foods to work more efficiently, they also provide incredible antioxidant potential, providing stability and greater shelf life to all the other nutrients. In fact, our nutrient mixes have been clinically shown to have a 2-year shelf life from the day of bottling.

As a result, you get to enjoy premium products that create synergy between your body, and the nutrients that Mother Nature intends for you to receive from a nutritious and healthy diet daily.

Big Things Do Come in Small Packages

The global dietary supplement industry is expected to reach $280 billion by 2024.

Since there's so much profit at stake in the industry, our competitors have gotten extremely sophisticated in their approach to increasing sales within the market place.

So how do these companies manipulate consumers into choosing one brand over another? They manipulate one of our senses through greater visual appeal. They achieve this by filling packages with unnecessary additives like fillers, binders and coloring agents. This gives off the visual impression that you're getting more value for your hard-earned cash. Truth is … you're not!

With Samuraw Organic Complete®, you can get all the nutrients your body craves – and the world’s most proven probiotic (with over 1,000 studies to date) – in one single concentrated scoop. Nothing more…nothing less…period!

While our serving size might seem small in comparison to what competitors offer (1-2 grams), you can be confident that each bottle contains a full 30-day supply of essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Now you (and your family) can finally get on with living your healthiest lives ever, the way nature intended.

Yours in Abundant Health,

Brad King