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The Problem with High-dose Vitamins

December 04, 2018

Can high-dose vitamins do more harm than good?

Have you ever tried eating 5,139g (11.3lb) of blueberries in one day?

Probably not.

Well, that’s how many blueberries you’d have to eat if you wanted a 500mg mega-dose of vitamin C.

If the human body needed mega doses of nutrients, we’d be as extinct as dinosaurs.  (Imagine Flint The Caveman having to find more than 3,780 blueberries per day to get 500mg of vitamin C…)

  1. You’re a modern Flint and you can get mega-doses of many nutrients in one tiny pill.


  • Vitamins from real foods are very social. They hang out with various substances like co-factors which the body needs to be able to use the vitamins.
  • Therapeutic values of vitamins depend on these co-factors.
  • Almost all commercially available bio-identical vitamins have lost their co-factors.

So, do you know how your body will use your super pill?


Well, it will need to deplete its existing stores of nutrients from the real food you eat to:


  • Eliminate nutrients it cannot use (especially if you’re taking synthetic vitamins).


  • Store the “pill nutrients” until it has enough co-factors to use the bio-identical nutrients or eliminate the synthetic ones.


See how taking mega-doses of vitamins can magnify your risks of nutrient deficiencies without fixing existing ones?


Take-home message: More isn’t better. Better (real food supplements with real-life nutrient dosages) is better.

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