Happiness Is More Than Thinking Positive Thoughts

Happiness Is More Than Thinking Positive Thoughts

July 17, 2019

The dictionary defines happiness as “the state of being happy” which is basically tells you absolutely nothing about the emotion we all strive for, weather we realize it or not. Let’s be honest, everything we do in life is to bring us closer to a state of happiness. It’s true.


For instance, bettering ourselves scholastically isn’t easy, but we do it in order to have a better life for ourselves down the road. Why? Because we believe that making more money will make us happy. The same can be said for exercise – once again, not easy, but looking and feeling better makes us happier. What about relationships? Same thing. We court, get engaged, marry and some of us even have children. Why? Because we are always striving for more happiness, even if partners and kids drive us absolutely crazy at times – lol. 


Below we have constructed different ways to achieve happiness, but regardless of what we do, how we look, how successful we are or how many people fancy us, true happiness always comes from within. In other words, if you think you are happy, you’re already there!


Meet Your Needs


We’ve all heard the saying; happiness is about being content with what you have. Happy people make what they have fill their needs. It’s really about being grateful for all the wonderful things within your life here and now.


Get Some Satisfaction


When you are happy you tend to simply feel satisfied with your life. You think about your life and feel good about it. You rejoice in the fortune you have whether it’s where you live, who you live with, or just about yourself in general.  


Feel Content


A happy person tends to feel really content about the things in their life. They feel content about their job, their home, their health, and their friends and family – nothing is nagging at their mind and causing undue stress. It’s not that happy people never have stress, they’re just better at feeling content even when things aren’t perfect.


Be at Peace


A happy person often feels a lot of peace surrounding their life and family. They tend to know that everything will turn out okay and are good at turning negativity into positivity. They don’t just say things will get better – they believe it!


Defining You?


Happiness is how you define your feeling of contentment and joy. It’s not about getting tons of stuff unless you want that. It’s not about finding a spouse unless you want that. It’s not about having kids unless you want that. It’s all up to you and how you define your own personal happy space.


Life’s A Journey


Happiness is not a destination that you get to one day and stay at. It’s a lifelong journey that will have many ups and downs and struggles. However, through these ups and downs of life, you manage to feel good about them. Enjoy this rollercoaster ride we call life, because you only get one shot at it (or at least that’s what we believe).


Be Happy


When you are happy you tend to act in more positive ways over all. When happy, you eat better, you move more, you think differently, you love deeper. Don’t worry, you have it in your power to be happy where you are in your life right now.


Happiness is more than thinking positive thoughts. Happiness is having your needs met, but it’s not about having everything, or even the best, it’s about being satisfied with what you have while also being able to work for the things you want. While you do have to do more than think positively to really and truly feel happy, it does start with your thoughts. However, it will manifest with your actions. Be as if you are already where you want to go.


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