Fulfilling the Fussy Eater without a Fight

Fulfilling the Fussy Eater without a Fight

July 09, 2018

Are you tired of fighting to fulfill your fussy eaters? If you said yes, then you are not alone. Many parents feel frustrated with how much they have to fight to find something to satisfy their fussy eaters’ taste buds. Now, before you get too frustrated, be relieved to know that there are ways to fulfill your fussy eaters without a fight. Read below to find out how.


  1. Make it fun – It is common for parents to tell their children to not play with their food, but making food fun may actually boost your children’s desire to eat the food. For example, giving fun shaped foods can make the food appealing for your children and attract them to it.


  1. Let them decide – Children often love to feel in control. Rather than telling your children what they are going to eat, allow them to make a decision. Whether it be letting them help you pick out foods at the grocery store (provide 3-5 healthy choices), at the house, or having them pick among various pre-chosen meals. If the children feel they made the choice about what they are eating, they may be more likely to eat it than if they were not given a choice at all.


  1. Customize it – There are many ways to spice up any food, such as sauces, dips, seasonings, and more. For example, if your children do not like broccoli, try adding cheese to give it a better flavor. Or provide dips for your children to have with their carrots and celery, such as peanut butter or ranch. Customizing a food with something your children like may make them more apt to eat it.


  1. Don’t give up – Children usually need to be introduced to a food multiple times before being able to accurately decide whether they like it or not. Try varying the ways you bring the food to your children too. For instance, if your children do not like peas the first time, try introducing them into a pot pie or minced meat to see if that makes a difference.


  1. Be a role model – If children see you being a fussy eater yourself, then they are more likely to be fussy eaters as well. Never turn down the chance to try a new food, and instead, show them you are willing to try and retry foods.


As you can see, there is no need for you to feel frustrated with your children’s vast dislike of foods. Chances are your children do not dislike as many foods as it may seem. Try making food fun and let them take some control. Don’t forget to be a good role model yourself. As a result, you will no longer have to fight with your fussy eaters to fulfill them.




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