Fluoride: What You Need to Know

Fluoride: What You Need to Know

May 02, 2018

When we think of fluoride, many of us likely think about toothpaste. Although fluoride is commonly known to be in toothpaste, it is actually found in an abundance of other things, such as water, soft drinks, tea, packaged foods, canned soup, baby formula, and fruit juice. The high prevalence of fluoride can lead one to believe it is good; however, that is not the case. In fact, fluoride has many dangers. Read below for a list of some of the many dangers of fluoride you need to know.                                    


  • Impedes fertility - Fluoride destroys sperm in males and can negatively affect fertility in females as well.


  • Damages bones - The number of bone defects in children who are exposed to fluoride is twice the number in children who are not exposed. Additionally, children exposed to fluoride experience more bone fractures than children who are not exposed.


  • Leads to early puberty - Fluoride is easily absorbed into our body. Children’s bodies can absorb as much as 80% of the fluoride they consume. The amount of fluoride accumulates over time, especially in the pineal gland. Here, fluoride slows down the making of melatonin, which leads to an early start to puberty.


  • Affects brain functioning - Some research has shown that fluoride causes changes in the brain that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Further, fluoride has also been connected with impaired visual-spatial processing and fetal brain damage.


  • Leads to a low IQ - Children who are exposed to fluoride may be at risk for a low IQ, which has been shown to be as low as five times the average of children who are not exposed to fluoride.


  • Impedes thyroid functioning - Fluoride acts to destroy cells in the thyroid, thus, impairing its ability to function properly.


  • Leads to arthritis - Fluoride is known to cause cartilage—the important connective tissue that helps to protect joints—to harden. When fluoride accumulates in the bones and joints, it leads to a condition called skeletal fluorosis, which can ultimately lead to arthritis.


Fluoride is found in so many things, and is spoken about as the ‘savior of teeth’ by so many dentists, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t know of its potential dangers, especially for your children. I strongly encourage you to do your own research on the many ways fluoride can negatively impact your children’s health (not to mention yours). Educating yourself is the first step toward eliminating fluoride and finding healthier options for you and your children.





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